On a MOSS 2007 publishing site, I started getting this error whenever the page is checked out and while in edit mode I try to Click on the "edit" button on a web part. Basically you get no access to make any changes to the web part. Suprisingly, on adding a second web part (of the same type) to the same zone, you can edit the second one but still not the first. Even putting the page in maintenance mode (append "?contents=1" to URL) and deleting the web part and re-adding it did not help.

What resolved this issue for me was that there was a PublishingWebControls:RichHtmlField on the page i.e. a Page Content area that contained a div with an id and a webpartid as shown below:

id=WebPartWPQ5 webpartid="77e15fe2-f556-48bb-851d-852382652e02"

This apparently was causing a conflict whenever I clicked on the edit web part's button. So, in order to resolve the issue, all I did was

  • Copy out all the HTML from the page content area to an editor/notepad
  • Check in to share Draft (to make sure it was completely gone)
  • Check out the page and paste in the HTML WITHOUT the div's id and webpartid
  • Check in the page to share draft

And now whenever I check out the page, I can make changes to the web part without any issues. I am guessing the text in the page content area, was copied from a web part like the Content Editor web part and that introduced the issue (duplicate IDs) in the first place. Anyway, this worked for me, so Goodluck!