Here are some basic steps to export a web part after configuring it - so that it can be re-used on multiple other pages:

  • On the web part, click Edit -> Export
  • Save the web part to any desired location on your computer
  • Close the dialog box after saving the web part
  • Navigate to the root website of your site collection i.e. http://litwareinc
  • Click Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Modify All Site Settings
  • Under "Galleries", click on "Web Parts"
  • Click "Upload" -> "Upload Document"
  • Browse to the location you saved the exported web part (on your computer) and click OK to import it
  • *On the next screen, give the web part a descriptive title and add a description
  • *On "Group", select "Specify your own value" and enter "MyCustomWebParts"
  • Click OK

  At this point, you should be able to add that web part to any page from the web part gallery.